Welcome to the Daresbury Laboratory Virtual Accelerator and
Particle Physics Masterclass

29 March 2022

Who is it for?

This event is aimed primarily at A-Level Physics students as well as GCSE students considering studying science at A-Level.

We have run masterclass events for over 10 years and know how valuable they are for the students who participate. This year we will run our Accelerator and Particle Physics Masterclass online on 29 March.


The event will be broken down into several sessions across the day and will include talks, virtual tours and demonstrations. Every session will include the opportunity for questions and answers. Regular screen-time breaks will also be incorporated.

Everyone completing the masterclass will receive a digital certificate of attendance.


Tuesday 29 March  

09:00 Welcome and Housekeeping

09:20 – TALK and Q&A: Introduction to accelerators and light sources 

What is a particle accelerator? What can we do with them? Why is Daresbury Laboratory built where it is? What work has been undertaken there over the past 60 years? What is the future of particle accelerators both here, elsewhere in the UK and around the world?

10:05 – TALK and Q&A: Electromagnetism for particle accelerators 

How do particle accelerators actually work? What is the science behind them? Learn about electromagnetic fields and how they shape our scientific discoveries.

10:45 – Break (15 minutes)

11:00 – TOUR and Q&A: Boulby Underground Laboratory

Virtual tour of the deepest lab in the UK, in a working mine where we test space technology, and hunt for Dark Matter.

11:30 – Break (5 minutes)

11:35 – DEMO and Q&A: Overcoming issues that impact on accelerator science

Demonstrations with our vacuum technician.

11:50 – ONLINE ACTIVITY: Introduction to Lancaster Particle Physics Package

Time for you to have a go as we introduce this online interactive activity about the conservation of energy in particle collisions. Lancaster Particle Physics Package (LPPP)

Followed by a 20 minute self led pupil exercise on the LPPP supported by our experts.

12:25 – Lunch (45 minutes)

13:10 – Recap on morning activities

13:15 – TOUR and Q&A : Diamond Light Source

Discover the UK’s national synchrotron; a huge scientific machine, more than half a kilometre in circumference, designed to produce very intense light that enables scientist to study objects right down to the atomic level.

13:45 – Break (5 minutes)

13:50 – Your questions answered

Thinking of a career in science? Maybe you are wondering ‘is an apprenticeship the right route for me?’, ‘what is university life like whilst studying science?’, or even ‘how does science effect the world we live in?’ To find out about these things and much more, join our apprentices, scientists, technicians, engineers, and support staff in four different chat rooms for one final and epic opportunity to ask your questions and get some answers!

14:40 ONLINE ACTIVITY Introduction to Surfatron

Introducing and explaining an online simulation game that gives you a chance to experiment with how a radio frequency cavity accelerates particles.

Try at home to achieve the best acceleration you can after the event, and email screenshots of your best results to appmcsurfatron@stfc.ac.uk for a chance to win an Amazon voucher!

14:55 – EVENT ROUND UP and evaluation


15:05 – Event End

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