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The Science & Technology Facilities Council is one of Europe’s largest research organisations. We enable the UK’s natural sciences, computing, and engineering communities to continue their world-leading research by working with universities, national laboratories, scientific facilities, and regional campuses, in the UK and abroad. Public engagement with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) has always been important to us. We love to talk about our work with the public – sharing the curiosity, excitement, and ambition that drives us to discover and understand new things, and develop technologies that improve our lives. We are funded by the UK public: listening, understanding and discussing their views of the impact of science and technology on our society is both our responsibility and our privilege.

Our science is incredible. From the infinitesimally small world of sub-atomic structure to the inconceivably vast scale of cosmological phenomena, STFC’s scientists and engineers are tackling big questions that we know attract people to science as children, and keep them asking questions throughout their lives. What’s in outer space? How did the universe begin? What are we all made of? How does the world around us work?

Visit our resources page for a host of information on particle physics and some of the specific topics we are covering at the event.

STFC is one of the nine research councils of UK Research and Innovation.


STFC’s Daresbury Laboratory, the lab hosting this event, is the historic home of the UK’s particle physics community and is home to scientists, researchers, engineers and support teams across accelerator physics, scientific computing, nuclear physics, high performance computing and other specialisms. STFC’s Accelerator Science and Technology Centre (ASTeC) is based at Daresbury Laboratory. 

The Cockcroft Institute

The Cockcroft Institute

The Cockcroft Institute, based at Daresbury Laboratory, brings together the best accelerator scientists and engineers in the UK. It is a collaboration which brings academia, national laboratories and industry together under one roof. They aim to advance accelerator technology and use it around the world to bring positive impacts to our everyday life.

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