Teacher Information

Thank you for getting your school or college involved with this year’s Accelerator and Particle Physics Masterclass. This is the first time we have run this as a virtual event, so have had to make changes from our previous face to face event delivered at the Laboratory. However, the great thing is that it means we can open our (virtual) doors to more schools and benefit many more students.


Given that the event will run outside of school hours, we will require each student to register for this event independently of schools. The safety of your students’ personal data and their safety online is a priority for us. Your students will be required to complete a number of registration questions that have been carefully chosen in order to minimise the collection of personal and identifying information. Once registered your students will be able to access our secure, password-protected event webpage, whilst allowing us to identify the number of students attending from your schools. Should you wish to view our Data Protection statement you can find it here.

Please ask you students to register as soon as possible and at least 7 days before the event. This will give us a good understanding of the number of attendees and address any issues that students may have when registering.

Once the students have completed the registration form, they will receive a return email with a self-authenticating link to join the event. This link will stay valid for the duration of the two-day masterclass and give them full access to all of the sessions.

Please ask your students to use their school email address to register. They must also be careful to input it correctly, as once the registration form has been submitted, your student will receive their unique joining link by return email. If they do not receive this email, it will mean that they have input their email address incorrectly and will not have access to the event. We advise the student to register again should this happen, and double check their email address before submitting.

We recommend that students register and participate in the session using the Chrome / Firefox / Safari Browser, noting that Internet Explorer is not compatible with the event platform. Please encourage students to test their unique link before the event by clicking on it. This will navigate them to a welcome holding screen that will display the date and start time for the event.

If they have any issues with registration please ask students to get in touch with us at public.engagement.dl@stfc.ac.uk in plenty of time before the event.

GCSE students

As you are aware, the Masterclass is aimed primarily at A-Level Physics students as well as GCSE students considering studying science at A-Level. We aim to provide content that is suitable for learning across all of these levels. We recognise that some of the content may be a stretch for students currently studying for GCSEs, and we will reassure students throughout the event that we are aware that some of these topics will not have been covered in schools yet.

In support of GCSE students, we have provided the following pre-event content (see hyperlinks below) to familiarise them with some of the terminology and topics that we will be using during the event. This is by no means compulsory and up to individuals to decide if they feel it will benefit them.

Our hope is that all students will want to watch each session and engage with our scientists and engineers.  However, they are under no obligation to ask questions as we know that some will be more eager to do this than others.

We will be asking students for feedback and have created a simple survey for them to complete at the end of each day. Please encourage your students to complete the survey, as it is important for us to gather this data. Not only will it help us to learn more about what has worked, it will also help us to make improvements for next time.

Every student participating in the masterclass will receive a digital certificate of attendance (based on their forename only) that we will email out to schools for dissemination after the event.  Certificates will be awarded as follows:

  • Bronze for attendance at 1 session   
  • Silver for attendance at 2 – 6 sessions   
  • Gold for attendance at all 7 sessions 

If you have any questions before the event please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at public.engagement.dl@stfc.ac.uk